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Zara Noor Abbas shares stereotypes about depression


The leading actress of Pakistan TV and film industry Zara Noor Abbas explained the stereotypes related to depression in the society.

In a series of tweets on the social networking site, the actress used the hashtag ‘YouMatter’ to dispel misconceptions about depression.

“We as a community need to talk about how we feel and we should not be ashamed to say that,” she wrote in a tweet.

“Remember that accepting mental illness is our first step towards recovery,” she wrote.

Writing about common but misconceptions about depression in the society, the actress wrote, “If you seek the help of a doctor regarding your illness, you are considered weak.”

In another stereotype, the actress wrote, “Medications used to relieve depression keep the patient asleep.”

Third, she wrote, “Depression means that a person with depression cries all the time.”

Zara Noor writes that it is wrong to think of depression as just a state of mind or depression.

The actress wrote that with regard to depression, the idea that you can get out of depression whenever you want is completely wrong.

Regarding depression, Zara Noor also categorically rejected the notion that the victims of depression are those whose faith is weak or who are far from Islamic teachings.

It should be noted that since the death of Indian actor Sushant Singh, who committed suicide due to depression, Pakistani showbiz stars, including Indian artists, have been seen sharing their experiences regarding mental health and depression on social media.

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