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Zayn Malik And ‘One Direction’

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The famous physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, appeared at the Sydney Opera House as a 3D hologram streamed in from Cambridge University in the UK.

During his talk, Hawking spoke about a diverse range of subjects that included his diagnosis with motor neurone disease;   life’s great mysteries, and the future of our planet.

In one instance, a group of young girls asked the holographic Hawking what is the cosmological effect of Malik departing from One Direction.

Interestingly, Hawking answered them that perhaps one day, there will be proof of numerous parallel universes and in one of them; Malik may still be with One Direction.

He then suggested that we should pay close attention to theoretical physics which might actually help them come up with an alternative universe where missing band member Zayn Malik would still be in the band’s lineup.

Malik left the English-Irish pop boy band in March 2015.  One Direction, which is based in London, began as a group after finishing third the British televised singing competition The X Factor in 2010.

Hawking’s daughter Lucy Hawking, who is a science communicator and physicist Paul Davies were live on stage with Hawking’s hologram image.

Hawking, is of the view that an interest in science is needed to help society in dealing with problems such as the greenhouse effect, genetic engineering, and nuclear weapons.

The scientist ended his lecture by telling his audience to begin looking up at the stars and to try to make sense of what they see and be able to wonder what makes a universe exist.  He encouraged curiosity and bravery in the things that they do.

Hawking’s hologram  image transformed into beam of light then disappeared immediately after he quoted Captain Kirk of Star Trek by saying, “Now beam me up, Scotty!”

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