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Zayn’s twin steals ex-1D’s thunder

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Looks like 1D won’t be without Zayn Malik for long, they can make do with Flamur Ukshini. The 23 year-old model was discovered by a Zayn Malik fan and has since been followed by the 1000s on Instagram.

Zayn’s doppelgänger is a university student in Kosovo and has become an internet sensation after being discovered on social media. His Instagram boasts more than 44,000 followers after being found.

The resemblance between the two is uncanny, however, the student/part-time model doesn’t think so. In an interview with Femailhe said, “In the beginning I didn’t realise we looked the same, because I didn’t know him.”


Ironically, he doesn’t know about the ex-1D star who girls world over are crazy for and soon realised that he was stealing somebody else’s stardom, “When people on the street wanted to take pictures with me I was surprised, but then I started to realise that I look very much like somebody I don’t know and who has to be famous,” said Flamur.

Is it possible for One Direction to sign Flamur on board? Will Zayn be replaced by his look-alike heartthrob? Either way, fans are going crazy for this new Zayn and cannot contain their excitement on Twitter:


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