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Zubaan movie review: Vicky Kaushal doesn’t come off as striking as he was in Masaan –

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A boy struggling to overcome childhood trauma. A young man learning to find his place. And that thing between fathers and sons. ‘Zubaan’ is about all of these things, and a mixed bag of a movie : some of it comes together really well ; others strands are all over the place.

The journey of small-town boy Dilsher (Vicky Kaushal) to the world of super-wealthy builder Gurcharan Sikand (Chaudhary) is pockmarked by stealthy ambition : the most interesting aspect of Dilsher’s character is that he is capable of the unspeakable to achieve what he wants, and yet his moral compass isn’t completely broken.

A self-made man, who goes from being a ‘delivery boy’ to the owner of a multi-billion empire, this has to be the most complex role essayed by Chaudhari. He is a husband and father, and yet his family gives him no joy. The wife ( Malik) and son ( Chanana) are lost souls, looking for a way to connect to the walled-in man they live with


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