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Zubida Apa passed away from fans 2 years ago


Pakistan’s renowned chef and expert Zubida Tariq alias “Zubida Apa” passed away two years ago from fans.

Zubida Apa was born in Deccan Hyderabad on April 4, 1945. After partition India in 1947, his family emigrated to Pakistan.

One of the reasons for Zubida Tariq’s fame was the jokes she told viewers during her TV programs.

Zubida Tariq belonged to the family. Which is part of Pakistan’s celebrated author Fatima Suraya Bajia. Poet Zahra Naga of unique accent and popular artist, poet, humorist, artist and actor Anwar Maqsood.

Apart from the traditional and appetizing desi cuisine. They also mastered cooking in other countries. While they were hugely popular among women because of delicious foods and their useful homemade dishes.

Zubida Tariq passed away on January 4, 2018 in Karachi due to a heart attack.

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