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Former Indian Actress Zyra Waseem About Kashmir


New Delhi: Former Kashmir-based Indian actress Zyra Waseem has also stepped up patience, exploded against India.

According to details, Zyra Wasim. A former Indian actress who has won several awards in the Bollywood film industry. She has said that the image shown by Indian media Kashmir is based on false information. Do not believe it.

Zyra Waseem has tried to convince the public not to believe the false facts about Indian media related to Kashmir. The picture being shown is not correct. Zaira said with great sorrow that no one knows how long our voices have been silenced. The lives of Kashmiris have been restrained to sanctions and obstacles.

The stunned actress said that Kashmir is in constant distress, where frustration and sorrow are growing. It is to be noted that today the British Broadcasting BBC. She has also revealed in its report that people in the occupied valley are suffering from depression and depression.

The report said that people in persistent lockdowns and curfew-occupied Kashmir have become depressed and depressed. In Srinagar too, the number of mental patients is increasing, more fear among Kashmiris is to be detained by Indian Army.

Remember that he was threatened by extremists when she left Bollywood .

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