12 Year Old Couple’s Mothers Talk To The Media


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Pakistani news might bring you weird stories that will leave you scratching your head. One such scenario involves a 12 and 13-year-old pair who are about to marry, and their parents are marrying them off because the boy has given an ultimatum that he would only continue his education if he marries that girl. Yes, these are children who have not yet been legally married, and we have yet to hear the law’s take on it because Pakistan’s administrations are primarily concerned with trivial matters.

Pakistani news

The couple’s Baat Pakki ceremony was held, and their moms also spoke with the media. The girl’s mother stated that she married at the age of 16, therefore she is fine with her daughter marrying at 12. The boy’s mother married at the age of 25, but she wants to marry her son soon. The lad intends to have several children and will give his wife an iPhone 15.

Here’s what the mothers said:

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