Ages Of Youngest Married Couple Will Blow Your Mind


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Weddings in Pakistan are a huge occasion. When people marry, they are regarded as successful and complete. Marriage at a young age is also rather frequent in Pakistan. We also saw an entire drama developed on this topic called Mayi Ri, which was a huge success since many people could identify with the tale told in it. And now we have a real Mayi Ri in our hands.

A very young pair is becoming popular on social media as they prepare to marry at the ages of 12 and 13. The guy is 13 years old and in sixth grade, while the girl is 12 and in seventh grade. The lad had informed his mother that he would not continue his studies if he was not engaged to the girl, and his parents agreed. Their photos together are becoming popular throughout social media.

The youngsters will continue their education, and their engagement ceremony will take place in a few days. They are thrilled to be together, and the girl wanted to inform all of the critics that they are only getting engaged for the time being and that they will also finish their studies. Here’s the young pair, who will blow your mind:

Here is the link watch here:

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