Real Life Bakhtawar Farheen Ishtiaq’s Heartwrenching Story


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Society is harsh, as has been seen over and again in our world. Women, in particular, are subjected to a great deal of stress, and any woman who works outside the home has several challenges. Women in Pakistan are only allowed to work in particular fields, and if they deviate from that mold, they will be condemned. Farheen Ishtiaq, widely known as the genuine Bakhtawar, is one such lady who has worked in the outside world and transformed her look into that of a male.

Farheen has worked in Lahore for years and is a single mother raising her 15-year-old daughter. She was a guest on Morning With Fiza and discussed how her life got to be what it is now.

Farheen claimed that she married 16 years ago, in a love marriage. Her marriage lasted six months until her spouse abandoned her. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to support her child.

She said that she searched for him for a year before realizing he was playing her. She never looked for him again. He contacted her a year after missing and requested her to give him their kid, which he had no idea if a girl or a boy. Her kid is now 15, and she wants to reconnect with her father. Farheen told her daughter that she doesn’t mind if she finds and meets her father, but she knows the type of man her ex-husband is.

Here is Farheen’s story:

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