Abdullah Kadwani’s Daughter Muskaan On Nepotism And Acting Debut


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Abdullah Kadwani is a major producer in the country, having worked on films such as Khaani, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, and Tere Bin. His family is now getting into the industry as well. His son Haroon Kadwani made his film debut with the telefilm Ruposh, followed by the play Jhoom. Muskaan Kadwani, Abdullah Kadwani’s daughter, has also made her debut as the assistant director of the smash hit Tere Bin.

Muskaan recently appeared as a guest on a show hosted by the YouTube channel Really Real With Alizeh, where she discussed her career path. She expressed gratitude to her father, Abdullah Kadwani, and offered her thoughts on nepotism. She stated that she does not believe in nepotism and that it is merely a buzzword. She stated that it all boils down to hard effort and that whoever works hard wins hearts.

Muskaan was also asked if she planned on acting like her brother Haroon, and she said she did not. She is incredibly bashful in front of the camera and prefers to work behind the scenes. Her passion is filmmaking, so that is what she will pursue.

Muskaan’s confession about being camera shy:

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