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September 2023

Rebecca Khan’s Way of Reciting Naat

Famous Pakistani Tiktoker and social media influencer Rabeeca Khan has a sizable online fan base. Up to 8 million TikTok users, 5 million Instagram users, and 1.8 million YouTube subscribers have subscribed to Rabeeca Khan. She is the

Why Usman Mukhtar Was Replaced In Ghair

Great actors and directors include Usman Mukhtar. He is passionate about his work and faithfully portrays each of the characters he plays. Usman's performance has consistently received praise, whether it be for Anaa, Sabaat, or Hum Kahan

Mawra Hocane Celebrates 31st Birthday

Mawra Hocane is a very gifted and successful actress who is renowned for selecting strong scripts and consistently appearing in mature content. Mawra has amazed us with some of her thought-provoking performances over the past few years.

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