Aina Asif From Mayi Ri Turns 15 Years Old


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These days, Aina Asif is the topic of conversation. The young actress first worked in advertisements while she was very young before moving on to dramas. Aina caught viewers’ attention in Hum Tum, where she portrayed Ahad Raza Mir’s younger sister, and everyone adored their adorable relationship. Since then, Aina has made great achievements, and her followers adore seeing her on film. She first appeared in Pinjra, and right now Mayi Ri is falling in love with her.

Aina’s followers have noted how much she has improved as an actress under Mayi Ri. She did a fantastic job of portraying the challenges Annie has, and her play is shattering records. Aina just turned 15 years old, therefore she is still quite young. Her friends celebrated her birthday and shared some adorable pictures of the festivities on her 15th birthday.

Here is the link to the video watch the complete video of how Aina celebrated her birthday:

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