Abrar Ul Haq Hits Back At Mishi Khan’s Criticism


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Abrar Ul Haq is referred to as the Bhangra King of Music. His songs are performed at every desi wedding, and cheap copies are created over and again. He is well-known for his Bhangra music, political career, and charity work with the Sahara Life Trust. Abrar has taken a vacation from politics and has recently become more active as an artist. He discussed many elements of his profession in multiple interviews, and one disclosure sparked a fire.

Abrar ul Haq claimed in an interview with Hafiz Ahmed that he had previously been offered a project starring Katrina Kaif but turned it down since the contract restricted his freedom of expression. His buddies had pressured him to accept the opportunity, but he was unwilling to bend his standards and declined.

Here is what Abrar ul Haq had revealed:

Mishi Khan was not pleased with this news, and she commented on what Abrar had stated about declining a project starring Katrina Kaif. Mishi was as forthright as usual in her ideas and spoke exactly what she intended to say.

Here is what Mishi said:

Now Abrar ul Haq is responding to Mishi Khan. He confirmed that he received an offer for a film but declined it. He stated that he has had hundreds of performance proposals from India over the years, but he has declined. Abrar Ul Haq stated that he has his ideals and would not compromise on them. He noted that many individuals will likely die if they receive a Bollywood offer, but it is not a significant accomplishment for him. He considers his altruism an accomplishment, and he strives to improve people’s lives.

This is what Abrar ul Haq had to say:

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