Activist Julie Khan Calls Out Ducky Bhai And Other YouTubers


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Julie Khan is an outspoken advocate for intersex rights. Her mental clarity and the manner she has always battled for her community’s rights are admirable, and people listen to her ideas, which have impacted many to change their attitudes and thought processes. She was a guest on Maria B’s podcast, where she discussed how people use religious language to justify their actions in society.

Julie mentioned how people used to look down on the intersex community because they danced, but with the advent of TikTok and social media, many of the children from the families who used to condemn them have become dancers, and it has now become a talent. She also commented on how YouTubers would do the worst things and then say Al Hamdulillah at the end. She cited Ducky Bhai’s head-shaving video as an example.

Ducky Bhai shaved his head and face after reaching 6 million subscribers:

Julie pointed out that this is society’s hypocrisy, negating all of the challenges her community has faced over the last few decades.

Here is what she said:

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