Actors are the easiest target of people’s criticism, Mahira Khan


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In a recent interview, the actress said that if a common person shares his opinion on social media, he does not get much acceptance, but if I or any of my fellow artists present his opinion, then we become an easy target for people’s criticism because Our statement gets headlines in the media.

She said that she will not hold anyone responsible for this situation, everyone has the right to stand with their views.

Mahira Khan said that when I share her idea or impression on social media, her mother says why did you do this? Don’t you care about us and don’t you care about your children?

The actress said, “I think we should take a break from social media. When I take a break from social media, it means I’m not in good shape anymore and I need time to rest.”

Mahira Khan said that her family strengthens her personality and helps bring her closer to the real world and these people are the most important people in her life.

He said that it is difficult for common people to understand how a celebrity’s life is, the unique life and situations we go through are not understood by common people.

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