Adnan Shah Tipu’s Advice To Cricketers Messaging Actresses


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Adnan Shah Tipu is one of Pakistan’s most diverse artists. He has created several unforgettable roles, ranging from comedic to gloomy, and he outshines everyone on film the moment he debuts in a production. He has appeared in both plays and flicks, and his work is well-received. He has been a celebrity for many years and offers some advise to our cricketers.

There has been a lot of controversy with cricketers texting actresses on social media. Many starlets have spoken out about this phenomenon, and the public has since speculated on which cricket stars were behind those texts. Many people guessed Shoaib Malik’s name, but no one named him explicitly. Other cricketers’ names have appeared in previous chat scandals.

Adnan Shah Tipu commented on these communications developments. He stated that becoming famous brings with it a sense of duty. He stated that he is likewise renowned and receives messages on a daily basis, but that he is not required to respond to them. The times have changed, and everything may be used against you. As a result, everyone involved in the messaging catastrophe should bear greater responsibility.

Here is what Adnan Shah Tipu had to say about cricketers contacting actresses.

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