Afshan Qureshi’s Statement about Son Faysal Qureshi


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Afshan Qureshi is a famous Pakistani television and cinema actor who has achieved enormous recognition and renown due to his negative roles. She has appeared in several popular Pakistani dramas, including Bheegi Palkain, Baba Jani, Sheher E Malal, Mein Mehru Hun, Umeed, Sila Aur Jannat, and others. Afshan Qureshi’s spouse, Abid Qureshi, was also an actor, and the two married after participating in a film together. Faysal Quraishi is Afshan Qureshi’s son. Her spouse died while Faysal was quite little. Afshan Qureshi brought up her kid as a single mother.

Afshan recently appeared in a show on the YouTube channel Metro Live TV; in the brief interview, she opened up about her star son Faysal Quraishi, saying, “My son, today, is a big star after my prayers; however, I admit my mistake: I prayed for his career but not for his guidance and obedience.

She also sent a message to people regarding their parents, saying, “I would like to encourage people to respect their parents; if you do, you will achieve great success. Take care of your parents, and your entire life will be arranged. I despise these things like old home; it is a really bad notion to cast your parents out of the house like used stuff.”

Here’s a link to the video:

She mentioned his prayer for son Faysal. According to Afshan Qureshi, “only film actors are not considered stars; my son proved himself to be a bigger star.” When Khalid Butt Sahab was leaving for Umrah, I wrote a prayer to him for my kid, with the dua, ‘Make my son a larger star than Amitabh Bachan’.

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