After trolling fans, Nazish Jahangir took Instagram private


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Nazish Jahangir made the account private after sharing the last story on Instagram on the afternoon of April 22. The actress spoke about trolling Babar Azam’s fans in her story before making her Instagram private. Nazish Jahangir had written in his story that Babar Azam’s fans are trolling him after being shocked by his words.

According to the actress, Babar Azam is a brother to everyone including her and all cricketers are like brothers to her.

The actress had written that she has nothing to do with the cricketers, but the fans of the cricketers have fallen behind her, they are being trolled.

After the above story, Nazish Jahangir made his account private and his fans were also worried about his account being made private.

Earlier, Nazish Jahangir answered the questions of fans on Instagram, during which a fan asked him what would be his answer if Babar Azam proposed marriage to him.

Nazish Jahangir gave a short answer to the fan’s question that she would apologize to Babar Azam.

The cricketer’s fans reportedly got angry and trolled the actress on Instagram for Nazish Jehangir’s apology after proposing to Babar Azam, after which the actress took Instagram to private.

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