Agha Ali to comment on Arfi Javed’s outfit


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Pakistani actor Agha Ali has been criticized for commenting on Indian actress and Bigg Boss fame alias Javed’s outfit.

Recently, the actor used inappropriate words while making a sarcastic comment on the new dress of Indian actress Arfi Javed, who is famous for her unique fashion style.

She shared a short video clip of Arfi Javed in her new look while sharing her Instagram story on the photo and video-sharing platform Instagram.

Agha also wrote an inappropriate caption in his Instagram story.

As soon as the screenshot of the actor’s comment went viral on various social media pages, the social media sareen took Agha with open arms.

Social media users criticized Agha saying it was a cheap attempt to gain attention. According to one user, she (Arfi Javed) wants to be noticed but you should look at yourself

According to another user you should keep your work while according to another user focus on your acting, she (Arfi Javed) will not even read your (Agha) comment, she (Arfi Javed) doesn’t even know. Who are you (Agha Ali)?

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