Ahmad Ali Butt On Career Women And Housewives


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Ahmad Ali Butt is from a family of powerful ladies. His grandmother, Madam Noor Jehan, and his mother, Zil e Huma, were both celebrities, and people continue to respect and admire them for their work. Ahmad Ali Butt’s wife, Fatima Khan, is a powerful and outspoken lady who was once an actor and continues to influence others with her ideas and style.

Ahmad was a guest on Masarrat Misbah’s show, and he said that he hails from a household where women were more accomplished than males and earned significantly more money than men. However, those ladies never attempted to disparage males for it. They always made them feel safe, even though the women were more successful.

Here is what he stated:

He also revealed that he discovered later in life that being a homemaker is a more difficult profession. As a housewife, a woman is only concerned with the well-being of her family, which is often at the price of herself. As a result, being a housewife is significantly more challenging than pursuing a profession. He thanked his wife, who has played a significant role in shaping their kid into the person he is today.

This is what he shared.

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