Ali Ansari Reveals Details Of His Marriage To Saboor Aly


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Ali Ansari and Saboor Aly are one of the cutest celebrity couples. They are both extremely hardworking and have made a name for themselves in the field without the help of a Godfather. Saboor began working in dramas while she was quite young, while Ali transitioned from radio to VJ and finally to acting. Many people were surprised by their nuptials, but they were all delighted for the new couple.

Ali Ansari spoke on Fuchsia and discussed his personal life, including his planned marriage to Saboor. The pair previously stated that their mutual acquaintances, namely Ali’s sister Mariam Ansari, were the catalysts that brought them together. However, their marriage went from arranged to love. He discussed the benefits of an arranged marriage. Ali stated that he is not opposed to how anyone marries, but what worked in his favor was that you are two people getting to know each other in a new way, and the same goes for the family. Also, when you look at your relationship through the lens of marriage, you are more sensible about making the marriage succeed.

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