Ali Haider Shares Hilarious Story About Hassan Jahangir


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Pakistan’s music business has had numerous ups and downs. Pakistan has always produced huge artists in the music industry, and Pakistani music is popular all over the world. Ali Haider, for example, was a phenomenon in the 1990s, while Hassan Jahangir was also well-known at the time. His song Hawa Hawa is as popular now as it was when it was first released.

Ali Haider recently appeared on a podcast, and he shared a humorous anecdote about Hassan Jahangir. Ali discussed how Pakistani stars receive the majority of their recognition after becoming popular in India. When asked about the virality of Hawa Hawa at the time, he disclosed that Hassan Jahangir had become a phenomenon following his song. He had a huge reaction in India and played there.

Ali used figurative statistics to explain that if Hassan was paid $500 for his performance back then, he was asked by an organizer in Pakistan what he would be paid now because he is so well-known. He replied 15 would be OK and then performed at his event. Hassan Jahangir returned home with 1500 rupees rather than the 15000 rupees he requested.

This is what he disclosed.

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