Amara Chaudhary Got Emotional Talking About Friends’ Sudden Death


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Amara Chaudhary is a former Pakistani model and TV actress. She is currently an accomplished commercial pilot. She began her career as a model before transitioning into acting. Her most popular plays include Balaa, Jaan Nisar, Rishte Biktey Hain, Chandni Begum, Ghairat, Man E Iltija, and Meri Guriya. Amara Chaudhary successfully changed her professional field after training as a commercial pilot; yet, she frequently appears on television shows to discuss her experiences. She has already appeared in both G Sarkar and Mazaaqraat.

Amara Chaudhary recently appeared on Wasi Shah’s program Zabaradast, in which the young actress became tearful while telling the death tales of her two dearest friends.

Amara Chaudhary explained, “Last year, I lost two of my friends. One was a makeup artist. He was going to see me on May 8th, but on May 7th, I found out that he had died. And one of our friends communicated that news in a really strange way, which made me weep. I said to them, ‘Is it true? you people should be careful while giving such news!’ It was upsetting to me. He was just twenty-three or twenty-four years old. I learned that he was worried in his final days.

In August, I lost another dear friend of mine. We were virtual buddies for the past 10 years; we never met but talked on the phone. Suddenly, I read the status of her death and confirmed it with our mutual buddy. I regret not reading the note she sent me before her death.”

Here is the link to the video:

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