Asad Pervaiz’s Message For Parents About Children’s Marriages


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Asad Pervaiz is a popular Pakistani YouTuber who made headlines in 2020 for marrying at a young age. At the age of 18, Asad married his classmate, Nimra. Both became prominent social media superstars, and Alao launched a YouTube channel. They amassed a large fan base and received high appreciation. Asad announced in January 2024 that he would be stopping family blogging on YouTube, which was a substantial source of revenue for him at the time. Asad has now established himself as an E-Commerce specialist and realtor.

He recently featured on Aroosa Khan’s show for her Facebook and YouTube channels. In the episode, Asad Pervaiz delivered an important message to the parents about their children’s marriage.

Addressing the parents, Asad Pervaiz said, “Don’t put obstacles in your children’s marriages because if you don’t allow them to marry at the appropriate age, they will be drawn to Haram relationships or pornography, as is happening in Pakistan because parents discourage early marriages and encourage their children to first earn money before considering marriage. This practice drives people into haram partnerships. I believe that someone who marries at a young age is capable of accepting care for his family. In our community, talking about a girl’s marriage is considered taboo. Allow your children to marry someone; otherwise, they will meet with them in secret.”

Here is the link to the video:

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