Asma Abbas On Price Bushra Ansari Paid For Acting


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Asma Abbas, Bushra Ansari, Sumbul Shahid, and Neelum Bashir are well-known Pakistani individuals who established themselves on their own. They are the daughters of renowned writer and filmmaker Ahmed Bashir (Late). Bushra Ansari became the most well-known among them. She started her lucrative show business career at a very young age. Bushra’s other sisters are likewise quite skilled and have received significant attention. Aside from this, Zara Noor Abbas is another shining star in Ahmed Bashir’s family. Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas frequently tell the narrative of their severe parental upbringing.

Asma Abbas most recently appeared on Neo TV’s Zabaradast, with Wasi Shah. During the episode, she discussed her strict father and Bushra Ansari’s challenges to develop her acting career.

Talking about it, she remarked, “Our father wasn’t modern; he wasn’t a freed thinker. We were not permitted to do anything. He was quite conservative. Our house was a very rigid setting, and Dad would not allow us to work. Bushra Ansari battled greatly to develop her profession. Yes, he was liberal with his wife, and he provided several possibilities for my mother, but he was harsh with us.”

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She went on to say that Bushra Ansari paid a high price for pursuing her profession in show business since she was subjected to rigorous discipline at home. She also stated that Bushra Ansari’s renowned colleagues had to deal with their father’s strictness. Asma Abbas stated, “She gained permission to conduct a show, and I used to accompany her; nevertheless, she never enjoyed being with me, and there she met Iqbal Ansari and married her. Marriage provided her with an escape, and she became known as “The Bushra Ansari.”
She went on to say: “Likewise, my daughter Zara Noor Abbas faced criticism and made the wrong design of her life by saying yes to a random proposal, which eventually wasn’t the right decision of her life.”

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