Asma Abbas Schools Social Media Users For Judging Actors


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Asma Abbas is a prominent Pakistani television actress who began her great career with PTV. She also rose to prominence as a host after appearing on a well-known ATV show about legendary actors. Popular plays by Asma Abbas include Akbari Asghari, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Kashaf, Deewar-e-Shab, and Zebaish. Fans have recently expressed their appreciation for her performance in Geo TV’s drama program Khumar. Asma Abbas is Bushra Ansari’s sister. She is also the mother of the talented Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas, who is complimented in Stand Up Girl.

Bushra Ansari Vlogs posted Asma Abbas Gill’s message-oriented video, which is now popular on Facebook. In the video, she lectured social media users who criticized actors’ clothes, lifestyle, and good actions. She also showed off her wonderful prayer space and prayer mat.

When asked about being criticized by others, Asma Abbas Gill responded, “Well, I have often seen you guys saying, ‘Oh see her, how is she looking, don’t you remember your grave?'” Many will critique my style of sitting and praying right now. I would want to state that religion is a personal concern for each person. Why do I inform you about my relationship with Allah? Why am I telling you whether I give prayers or not? It is between me and Allah; you will not accompany me to my grave; it will be quite little, and you will be unable to enter; you should consider your own grave.

Allah is not paying attention to your harsh remarks about us. Allah must watch after his creation. He knows how to forgive his creation; he has saved me from many ailments; and Allah has accepted other people’s prayers for me despite your nasty statements. He’s given me a lot. Also, Allah does not judge others, although some do. May Allah rescue me from cancer because he is more forgiving of me; perhaps he is pleased with me. Allah is here to keep track of our good and negative activities. Also, I don’t appreciate individuals making personal comments about other people’s divorces; who are you to talk about others?”

Here is the link to the video:

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