Ayesha Omar Shares Accident Details & How Thoughts Impact Health


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Ayesha Omar is a daring, gorgeous, and intelligent Pakistani actress noted for her immaculate appearance and boldness. She has appeared in several popular plays, including Habs, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, and Bulbulay. Ayesha Omar’s feature film Karachi Se Lahore was a smash. She has also appeared in Texali Gate, Rehbara, and other films. Ayesha Omar just had collarbone surgery and is healing. She also needs fans’ prayers.

Ayesha appeared on Green Entertainment’s Ramadan transmission, where she discussed her accident. She also shared mental health recommendations.

Ayesha spoke about the accident, saying, “Bulbulay’s shoot was going on when I took off for a one-day shoot for the brand Kapray; I was with Azfar Rehman and his driving was very fast, especially on the highway; when the accident occurred, I was hit into the back of the front seat, fractured my collar bone; it all happened because I wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Now, I always wear my seat belt, even if someone is driving slowly or if I am riding in the rear of the car.”

Here’s a link to the video where Ayesha Omar discussed her accident:

She also stated that a person’s cognitive process has an impact on or emerges in their lives. It may also have an impact on the person’s health, thus it is important to think positively.

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