Ayesha Umar’s emotional message when she fell ill mother took care of her


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Actress Ayesha Umar, while releasing an emotional message for her mother, has admitted that her mother took care of her most recently when she underwent a collarbone operation and was bedridden.

The actress shared a short video on Instagram, in which her mother was also with her and told fans about the importance and love of a mother. Ayesha Umar said that when she was in bed after the operation, her mother took care of her the most, she used to do the actress’s hair like a child.

The actress said that her mother used to make her hair and clothes as well as prepare her food and she was the most worried for her. Ayesha Umar gave a message to the fans that there is no relationship in this world more than mother, mother is the most caring. For Ayesha Umar sharing a video with her mother and acknowledging her services, people appreciated her and called her lucky that her mother is serving her.

It should be noted that Ayesha Umar had told through an Instagram post on March 15 last month that she had recently undergone her collarbone surgery. Ayesha Omar’s collar bone was broken in a car accident 8 years ago.

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