Azaan Sami Khan Was Advised To Criticize His Father


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Azaan Sami Khan comes from a gifted family. His mother is the legendary veteran actress Zeba Bakhtiyar, whom we all adore. She is an actress who has performed in both India and Pakistan. She was successful in both industries while maintaining an unrivaled grace. She has many hits under her belt, and people adore her for being humble and down to earth. Azaan’s father is well-known singer Adnan Sami Khan. As a result, when he first entered the profession, he had enormous shoes to fill.

He spoke on Ahmed Ali Butt’s show Excuse Me and talked about his life and career. He admitted that he did not play music in the house at first. His parents divorced in public, which was difficult for his mother. As a result, he did not want to remind her of those difficult moments by playing music in the house, therefore resurrecting his father’s memories. His mother forced him to listen to his father’s music, demonstrating that his passion for music was OK and that he should learn about his father’s music.

He also revealed how prominent industry figures advised him not to disrespect his father. Azaan stated that he can privately talk with his father but will never openly criticize him because it is against his culture.

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