Azlan Shah & Dr Warisha Daughter Face Reveal Video & Request


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Azlan Shah and Dr. Warisha Javed Khan are two well-known Pakistani digital innovators who have a large social media following. They married in 2022, and their wedding celebrations became viral on social media. The couple now has a gorgeous daughter. Azlan Shah, a social media influencer, is well-known for his love of exotic animals, which he also raises at home. The YouTuber describes himself as an animal aficionado. Dr Warisha Javed Khan, an attractive influencer who works as a dentist, gained to prominence due to her striking similarity to Sadaf Kanwal.

Currently, the couple has shared a stunning face reveal video of their baby daughter Azwa. Azlan Shah stated that he has been waiting for this special face reveal moment for a long time. Azlan Shah’s daughter Azwa donned a winter fleece dress that resembled lioness skin. Azlan Shah also issued a request to his supporters, writing, “Please do not share any of Azwa’s photos without our permission.” Azlan and Warisha shared these stunning photos:

Also, watch the face reveal video:

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