Call Fiza Ali on shows and stop discussing divorce with her, ex-husband


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Fiza Ali recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show, where she opened up about her divorce and praised her ex-husband. Fiza Ali clarified that her husband wanted to divorce her. And she did not ask for divorce but the actress’s family had problems. That’s why she had to end the marriage. The actress had said that the husband had fainted while signing the divorce papers in court. While he never scolded or tortured her, he considered her not his wife but his friend.

Fiza Ali had praised many former and first husband Fawad Farooq even before the said show. However, after talking about divorce in the said show, the emotional videos of Fiza Ali went viral. After which her ex-husband requested the TV hosts not to invite his ex-wife to the shows in the future.

Fawad Farooq0 alleged that the hosts of the shows blocked Fiza Ali in the programs. And do not discuss divorce with her to increase the ratings of their programs.

He wrote that in the recent morning show, Fiza Ali was called as a single mother and the same issue was to be discussed but the host hurt her emotionally by asking her about divorce.

Fawad Farooq praised Fiza Ali in his post and wrote that she was a good wife and a good daughter-in-law but due to some family problems their marriage could not work and they cannot tell anyone about the said problems.

Without writing the name of any TV host, he also demanded that Fiza Ali should not be invited to talk about divorce in future programs, the process of emotionally hurting her should be stopped.

It should be noted that Fiza Ali married Fawad Farooq in 2007, with whom she also has a daughter Faral. The actress got divorced from her first husband after just three years of marriage and later in 2018, she married businessman Ayaz Malik. Fiza Ali’s second marriage was also unsuccessful and that too ended in divorce after some time.

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