Congratulating Adnan Sami after the success of ‘Nato Nato’ at the Oscars became expensive


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Pakistani-born Indian singer Adnan Sami has become expensive to congratulate after his Telugu song ‘Nato Nato’ won the Oscars.

Congratulating the film director, music composer and poet Adnan Sami after the success of the Telugu song ‘Natu Natu’ at the Oscars, calling him the pride of India, social media users lashed out.

On the microblogging site Twitter, Adnan Sami Khan called the song of the Telugu film ‘RRR’ as Indian, then the social media users reminded the singer that this song is not from Bollywood but from South Indian cinema.

Singer Adnan Sami congratulated Telugu song ‘Natu Natu’ after its success at the Oscars, calling it a win for India and an incredible pride.

Adnan Sami’s tweet started a war on social media saying that this song is not from India but from the Telugu film industry.

After which the singer replied to a Twitter user saying that you should be ashamed of dividing on the basis of linguistics, he likened the Twitter user to a frog in a pond and said that he is more about the country than the region. Can’t think.

Adnan Sami was further criticized for retweeting a Twitter user saying that the singer knows nothing about India and its languages and said that the Telugu flag is higher than the Indian flag.

The singer went into a frenzy on such tweets from Twitter users saying that he has represented India around the world, obtained a law degree and completed a thesis on partition of India but still knows nothing about India. .

He further said that India was partitioned in 1947 due to these kind of thinkers, the consequences of which are still being felt today. Regional pride is not greater than national pride. This attitude is dangerous.

In order to stop the endless criticism of Twitter users, singer Adnan Sami had to make another tweet explaining his point further, he wrote that my problem has never been about language, my problem is very simple. All languages have their place of importance, but India is first among them, all others are secondary, that’s all.

He further wrote that I respect all regional languages, that’s why I have sung innumerable songs in regional languages as well, everyone has equal respect.

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