Controversial Tiktoker Opens Up About Doing Second Marriage


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Asad Ray is a well-known Pakistani social media influencer who makes lip-syncing videos for the TikTok app. Asad Ray gained prominence after his outrageous remarks went viral last year. He has almost eight million TikTok followers. Asad Ray is also on YouTube, where he frequently publishes his vlogs. He was recently featured in a show on the YouTube channel SA Times. During the broadcast, he discussed his desire to have a second marriage to a modern female.

The Tiktoker stated that he wishes to marry a second time since he is permitted to marry up to four ladies.

Speaking about it, he stated, “Every guy, including you, is permitted to have four wives; moreover, every Tiktoker is married to modern females that resemble models. I will also marry someone who resembles a model. I’m weary of my simple wife; she’s too naive to fit into this lifestyle and culture. Simple people cannot live in our society; if I give her my phone and ask her to charge it, she will merely insert the cable and not switch on the energy. If I tell her to wake up at 6, she will wake up at 6 and refuse to let me wake up; she cannot complete a single activity on her own, and I am weary of training her. I’m not saying my wife isn’t wonderful; she is, but she’s too basic, and I don’t know what to do; I want a more sophisticated lady today.” Watch his video:

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