Criticizing actress Urwa Hussain, Farhan Saeed could not remain silent


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When Urwa Hussain, a well-known actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, reacted strongly to the criticism of director Nadeem Baig, her husband and singer and actor Farhan Saeed could not remain silent.

It should be remembered that in the game show aired on a private channel regarding PSL, director Nadeem Baig, in response to a few questions, called actress Urwa Hussain a narcissist and a bloodthirsty one.

The actress could not remain silent on these allegations made by the director and expressed her anger on them and shared a long post explaining the said matter.

After the explanation came out on behalf of actress Urwa Hussain, her husband Farhan Saeed could not remain silent and supported his wife by writing a famous poem of Allama Iqbal in a comment on her Instagram post. So Shaheen is resting on the rocks of the mountains.

Later, in an interview to a private magazine, he spoke openly about the issue and said that the format of shows these days is arranged in such a way that one artiste degrades another artiste in one way or another. Then some social media pages share only negative things from interviews and game shows that go viral.

We can also choose positive and funny things from the same show or interview, but no, he added.

Narrating the incident of the promotion of his film ‘Touch Button’, he said that when we were promoting our film, instead of being asked how much effort it took to make the film, we were asked to know it. Which actor bothered the most during the shooting?

He also mentioned the incident that happened with actor Sami Khan in the past few days and said that the guests invited in the program used to be mocked and considered very good.

He asked fellow artistes to raise their voice against such formats and unite against them.

It should be noted that while commenting on the post of actress Urwa Hussain, many artists including her sister and actress Mawra Hussain also encouraged the actress and testified to such incidents and also advised to dispose of the matter. .

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