Viewers Criticize Badly Directed Death Scene Of Waleed in Meesni


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A popular Hum television drama series called Meesni airs every day at 7:00 pm. Muhammad Asif wrote the script for the drama, which Meer Sikandar directed. It’s a presentation from the Hum Television Network. The program initially faced criticism for being a knockoff of the recently concluded popular soap opera Siyani on Geo TV, in which a poor girl imprisoned a man after learning he was wealthy. Meesni followed the same storyline but included future generations as well. Mamia, Bilal Qureshi, Faiza Gilani, and Najeeba Faiz are among the cast members.

One of the key characters in the show Meesni, Waleed, recently passed away. On social media, a clip of Bilal Qureshi’s Meesni scenario in which he was shot and killed is making the rounds.

As they observed the scene, fans laughed. Many viewers complained that although a death scene was made, there was no blood, and the way he passed away felt too surreal. They added that Waleed’s use of an iPhone cover as a phone created a negative image. They said that the direction was terrible and that the scene was flawed. Although they thought Bilal’s acting was passable in the sequence, they claimed that the scene’s poor direction undermined it. Some people thought his acting was excessive. Fans had previously appreciated Bilal Qureshi’s performance in Meesni and cherished his casting alongside Mamia. This dramatic death scene wasn’t popular with viewers.

Watch the complete video about fans’ remarks:

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