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“Dillagi” is a Pakistani film that was released on January 17, 1992. It gained popularity for its folk music, performed by renowned folk singers Atta Ullah Khan Eisakhailvi and Arif Lohar. The film featured Javed Sheikh, Sultan Rahi, Saima, Arif Lohar, and Naghma as the main artists.

Directed by Zahoor Hussain Gilani, “Dillagi” is a romantic drama that captivated audiences with its compelling storyline and soulful music. The film revolves around the themes of love, sacrifice, and family dynamics, showcasing Pakistan’s cultural values and traditions.

Atta Ullah Khan Eisakhailvi, known for his powerful and emotive voice, contributed to the film’s soundtrack with his melodious renditions. His soul-stirring songs added depth and emotion to the narrative, resonating with the audience.

Arif Lohar, another prominent folk singer, played a significant role in the film’s music. With his unique and energetic performances, Lohar brought a vibrant and lively element to the soundtrack. His rendition of folk songs infused the film with a sense of tradition and authenticity.

The cast of “Dillagi” featured renowned actors such as Javed Sheikh, Sultan Rahi, Saima, Arif Lohar, and Naghma. Javed Sheikh, a versatile actor in the Pakistani film industry, delivered a memorable performance, portraying the lead character with finesse. Sultan Rahi, a legendary figure in Pakistani cinema, showcased his acting prowess in a supporting role, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Saima, a famous actress known for her versatility and charm, portrayed a pivotal character in the film. Her on-screen presence and acting skills added depth to the narrative, contributing to the film’s overall success.

Arif Lohar, besides his musical contribution, also showcased his acting talent in “Dillagi.” His presence on-screen added charisma and entertainment value to the film. Naghma, a renowned actress and singer, also played a notable role in “Dillagi,” leaving a lasting impression on the audience with her performance.

Overall, “Dillagi” is a film that combines the elements of romance, drama, and folk music to create a captivating cinematic experience. It highlights the talents of Atta Ullah Khan Eisakhailvi and Arif Lohar, along with the stellar performances of Javed Sheikh, Sultan Rahi, Saima, Arif Lohar, and Naghma. The film continues to be remembered for its memorable music and compelling storytelling, making it a significant contribution to Pakistani cinema.

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