Dr. Affan Qaiser Justifies Wife’s Vlogging After Criticizing Sistrology


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Dr. Affan Qaiser is a renowned Pakistani doctor who rose to prominence as a social media influencer. He is a transplant hepatologist and a gastroenterologist. Dr. Affan is now serving at Gambat, Pakistan’s largest liver transplant program. Dr. Affan Qaiser has a large social media following due to his health awareness films. He has 3.5 million followers on Facebook. Fans enjoy his instructive videos. Dr. Affan Qaiser has recently started making podcasts on his YouTube channel, which has 200 thousand members.

Recently, he spoke on a podcast with M Tanveer Nandla and discussed his wife’s vlogging.

When the reporter questioned, “How do you see your wife’s vlogging as you are quite vocal about this family vlogging controversy?” Dr. Affan Qaiser responded, “Yes, if my wife starts making vlogs in the morning, with her wet hair, and gives information about me going to the bathroom or coming back, or she starts showing tickets to our travel destinations, I have a strong objection and it will not be acceptable. However, Dr. Nazish’s vlogging style is quite different; it is focused on health and awareness. She creates instructive vlogs and raises awareness about health. She is a radiologist; she will discuss the disease, prevention, and treatment.

The fundamental difficulty in family vlogging arises when you grant access to all of your personal belongings, including bedrooms, baths, family, and other life events. We can’t exhibit our newlywed bride to everyone; there are some boundaries, and we must adhere to our faith and culture.”

She also stated that family blogging has generated unreasonable expectations, which is the leading cause of divorce.

Here’s a link to the video:

Remember how Dr. Affan Qaiser chastised Iqra Kanwal for her post-wedding vlog? Fans agree with Dr. Affan Qaiser in this regard. They also criticize family vloggers. Read the comments.

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