Dr Affan Qaiser Responds To Misconduct Allegations


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Many people have gained fame on social media as a result of their social criticism. One such person is Dr. Affan Qaiser, who is well-known on social media alongside his wife. He conducts podcasts and discusses a variety of topics. He rose to prominence as a result of his samosa bomb films, and he went on to create his online community. Dr. Affan Qaiser is a hepatologist who goes viral every other day for a statement he made.

Recently, a person sought therapy from him after being encouraged by his social media presence. However, the individual was reportedly overbilled and abused by Dr. Affan, who did not diagnose or treat his condition. He displayed his patient file together with the medical bills he was issued. The entire scenario became viral on social media.

Dr Affan Qaiser

Here’s what occurred:

Affan Qaiser has now replied. He displayed his own CCTV video and recounted Quranic Ayats to prevent others from spreading bogus news. He said that the video that went viral blackmailed his family and himself, and he had proof that all of the charges were false.

Here is Affan Qaiser’s version of the story:

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