Dr. Omer Adil Thinks Fahad Mustafa Is A Stressed-Out Clown


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Dr. Omer Adil is a great Orthopedic Surgeon with MBBS and FRCS degrees. He is a well-known surgeon in Lahore, with a high patient satisfaction rate. Dr. Omar Adil gained popularity for his television appearances on renowned PTV Entertainment Shows. He used to offer in-depth analyses on prominent Bollywood films and actors. Recently, he has started doing his analysis alongside YouTuber Haseeb Khan on his channel Ganda Aanda, and the audience is enjoying their partnership. He is a frequent on the show, where he provides serious analysis on numerous social topics and media conflicts.

In one of his broadcasts, he commented on Fahad Mustafa’s controversial comments against YouTubers.

Talking about it, he remarked, “I’m not sure why he made this statement. Fahad Mustafa must be an extremely worried man because he has been performing for many years. He’s been presenting a game show where he has to scream for hours, inviting families and utilizing them as fodder. He is affected by such a performance since it has become a part of his daily existence. Consider the status of a guy who has been doing it for years; it must be affecting his psyche. I’m not sure what frame of mind he was in when he made such a nasty comment, but you have to consider how he makes his money.

Here is the link to the video:

When asked about YouTubers selling their families, he replied, “Let me tell you, both are right (YouTubers and Fahad Mustafa); an ordinary YouTuber is thriving on his family content. I know a family from a Punjab hamlet where the man is satisfied with his wife, and they introduce each member as needed; it is their source of income. People wait for him and like watching their content.” Here’s a link to the video in which Dr. Omar Adil defended YouTubers who are surviving because of their high-quality content:

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