Ducky Bhai’s Crazy Fan Shaves Her Head


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Ducky Bhai is one of Pakistan’s most successful and well-known YouTubers. He is a content developer who has consistently been chastised for his work. It was first his profanity and roasts that would embarrass others, and now people are criticizing him for doing ridiculous things and disclosing his personal life much too much. He is, nevertheless, doing well and already has 6 million YouTube subscribers.

Ducky had promised to shave his head and face if he reached 6 million followers, and he followed his word when he reached the milestone. Ducky’s bald appearance became popular on social media, inspiring several memes.
Ducky Bhai’s devotee was dissatisfied with his baldness and shaved her head. As the girl is only a teenager, the footage of her doing so quickly became popular on social media. This video has outraged netizens, who have harshly criticized the act. The incident was also recorded and posted online, which drew a lot of criticism.

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