Entire Pakistan grew up watching Bollywood, Indians don’t know anything about Pakistan, Sanam Saeed


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Knowing everything, they fully know what and how Indians dress but Indians don’t know anything about Pakistan.

Sanam Saeed argued that Pakistanis know everything and anything about actresses from Madhu Bala to Kareena Kapoor and now Deepika, but Indians have no knowledge about Pakistan.

He said that Indians do not even know how Pakistanis eat dal and rice, how women there tie their hair, and how Pakistanis wear shalwar and kameez.

According to Sanam Saeed, after the opening of the ‘Zee Zindagi’ channel a few years ago, Indians started watching things related to Pakistanis for the first time and they started to know how Pakistani people dress, and how are the women there.
He said that after watching Pakistani dramas on ‘Zee Zindagi’, Indians were also stunned and they also got to see new things related to Pakistan, but later this series was stopped.

Talking about the cultural relations between Pakistan and India, Sanam Saeed said that at the beginning, when the political tension between the two countries between the artists
When the contacts went down, everyone hoped that the situation would improve soon, but now everyone gave up hope.

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