Ertugrul showed more romance than wars Yasir Nawaz


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Karachi: Pakistan showbiz actor Yasir Nawaz says that to attract viewers to any drama or program, content is shown according to their demand.

Recently, actor Yasir Nawaz and his wife Nida Yasir were part of an interview where they shared their views on the content being aired by Pakistani and foreign media.

Yasir Nawaz said that if people criticize Pakistani programs and dramas because they show the conspiracies of mother-in-law, then it happens in foreign dramas as well.

He said that the public is shown what they want to see, like the famous Turkish drama ‘Ertuğrul Ghazi’, which showed more mother-in-law intrigues and hero-heroine romance than wars.

Nida Yasir said that if only wars were shown in Ertugrul, no one would watch it and the drama would not be a hit because only the content that suits the audience’s interest gives ratings. It should be noted that the host Nida Yasir has been criticized many times due to the content shown in his program, but he says that the same episode of his program gives ratings in which he is a Tik-Toker or viral. Invite the person to be.

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