Famous Pakistani Actor Who Was Supposed To Play Lead in Pyare Afzal


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Nadeem Baig is a well-known Pakistani director who has directed several successful television series and films. His major concentration these days is on filmmaking, but he has already directed numerous successful plays. Pyare Afzal, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Dil Lahi, and the Barat Series are among his most well-known plays. Nadeem Baig’s latest hit dramas are Sinf E Aahan and Kuch An Kahi. The filmmaker may easily be described as a star-maker since he has offered several opportunities to struggling and emerging performers in his high-quality plays. He also handed Hamza Ali Abbasi an unexpected chance in “Pyare Afzal,” which helped him become a great actor.

Recently, Nadeem Baig participated on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast. In the podcast, he disclosed the name of the actor who was meant to play Pyare Afzal.

Talking about it, he stated, “I never compromised on the screenplay, but sometimes you have to give a chance to a new actor even if you have already decided on someone else, and you know that the actor you want would also shine in the role. Well, Humayun was scheduled to play Afzal in Pyare Afzal, but I told Humayun Saeed, ‘This job isn’t for you,’ and he accepted it, so it went to Hamza Ali Abbasi.”

Here is the link to the video:

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