Fans Angry Over Portrayal Of Brainless Female Characters In Tere Bin


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Tere Bin, a drama on Geo Television, is incredibly popular both domestically and abroad. The drama attracted a sizable audience, views, and Trps. Because of Meerab and Murtasim’s incredible chemistry, Tere Bin attracted a sizable fan base. Initially, the drama was a huge success because of Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali’s admirers who immediately became involved. Due to the portrayal of exceedingly stupid female characters in the drama, it appears that the drama is currently losing its fan base.

In the upcoming episode, Meerab will unwittingly pair Maryam up with Murtasim’s adversary Anas (Malik Zubair). Haya is aware of Anas’ importance as Murtasim’s main foe, but she chooses to record Meerab and Haya’s actions rather than intervene to stop them. Well, the drama fans are upset with this most recent development in Tere Bin.

Fans complained that the drama’s three female characters were stupid and should be punished because they had all betrayed Murtasim and broken his trust. Fans claimed that Meerab is to blame for all of her suffering in this situation. She’s proving what viewers who called her a stubborn girl stated about her. Fans were upset with Haya for acting cruelly in this situation. Fans are also upset with Maryam’s immature persona for leaving the house to help a lover who couldn’t submit a formal proposal.

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