Fans Find Ushna Shah’s Joke Regarding Husband Dramatic


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Excellent Pakistani actor in both television and films is Ushna Shah. She is a well-known Pakistani speaker. The actor typically strikes up a dialogue and tries to present her viewpoint, although she frequently gives in to trolling for no apparent reason. She has attracted trolls once more in the midst of Cyclone Biparjoy’s warnings. The actor flew from Europe to Karachi last night. Her joke about the natural disaster was taken seriously. If she left him as a result of any accident, she pleaded with her husband to find someone else.

Ushna Shah explained this on Twitter, saying, “My flight to Karachi is taking off and there is a Cyclone warning there. I simply want my husband to know that, God forbid, if the plane crashes and I am not among the survivors, I hope he finds happiness with someone else someday and that he understands that she will never be as amazing as I am. “He will…”

Watch the complete video Fans What say about Ushana Shah:

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