Faryal Mahmood didn’t intend to get married soon why?


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Actress Faryal Mehmood has revealed that she and her husband had no intention of getting married soon, but her husband’s mother was afraid of Corona, so she asked to get married soon.

Faryal Mehmood married actor Daniyal Raheel in May 2020 at the beginning of Corona and the two got divorced in March 2022.

Recently, he gave an interview to journalist Maleeha Rehman, in which he openly talked about getting married soon.

She described her marriage as an early marriage and said that she and her husband were not ready for marriage at that time, they had no such intention but they had to get married because of their parents.

Faryal Mahmood said that after Corona, her husband Daniyal Raheel’s mother expressed her desire to get married, fearing health problems, due to which she had to get married early.

The actress said that at that time she was not even mentally ready for marriage.

The actress also said that in Pakistan, girls are usually married either at a young age, when they are not only growing up with their husbands, but also mentally mature, or at the age of 32. Marriage is done after 33 and 34 years.

Faryal Mahmood

Giving her example, Faryal Mahmood said that if she got married now, it would be fine, but she did not tell her age, nor did she tell the ideal age for girls to get married, but at that time the actress was 27 years old.

Some time ago, Faryal Mehmood admitted in an interview that her married life got into trouble after a few months of marriage and also admitted that the way her ex-husband used to torture her mentally, he also used to torture her. She used to do mental torture and this process continued from both sides

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