Father did not allow him to act in plays, Hanish Qureshi


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Hanish Qureshi, daughter of versatile actor Faisal Qureshi associated with the Pakistan showbiz industry, spoke openly about her relationship with her father and step-siblings and not working in the drama industry in a recent interview.

Hanish Qureshi, who is associated with real estate business, recently gave an interview to the channel of video sharing platform YouTube, answered various questions and explained why he did not choose the showbiz industry as a career and the second marriage of his father and actor Faisal Qureshi and his How do they relate to their children?

Answering the host’s question, she said that when she was in college, she was very fond of acting in dramas, at that time she used to pressure her father Faisal Qureshi to introduce her to the showbiz industry, but she refused to act in dramas. Not allowed to work.

Hanish Qureshi further discussed about Faisal Qureshi not allowing him to work in the showbiz industry and said that studies were necessary at that time, so at that time Faisal Qureshi did not appreciate his decision to enter the showbiz industry.

In response to another question from the host of the YouTube show, Hanish Qureshi said that she was the happiest and most excited about the second marriage of father and actor Faisal Qureshi.

He added that when two people cannot live together, they should separate and everyone has the right to start their life afresh after divorce.

She said that she has a very good relationship with Faisal Qureshi’s son Farman and daughter Ayat. .

It should be noted that Hanish Qureshi has recently entered the field of acting with the short film ‘Niqab’.

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