Feroze Khan Announces His New Drama With Message For Critics


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Feroze Khan is one of the most popular stars in Pakistan’s theatre industry. He has done well for himself, amassing a large number of hits in a relatively short amount of time. Feroze had a difficult year after his divorce became public and claims of alleged violence flew around. Things appear to have calmed down after he warned his supporters to stop abusing his ex-wife Syeda Aliza, and Aliza has also moved on and has a flourishing influencer business of her own.

Feroze is hard at work on his return initiatives. He recently completed Akhara, which will run on Green Entertainment and is presently preparing for a new drama with 7th Sky Entertainment. Feroze Khan and 7th Sky have produced plays such as Khaani, Aye Musht e Khaak, and Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. Feroze will now appear in the play KHumar. He is teamed with Neelam Muneer, and the film is directed by Ali Faizan, who previously made Mere HUmnasheen.

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