Film ‘AISA HI HOTA HAI’ by Ayesha Chundrigar Emerges as a Thought–Provoking Production


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Film Aisa Hi Hota Hai – Episode 2 by Ayesha Chundrigar, an emotionally jarring story premiered with an exclusive screening event for the media and entertainment fraternity held recently in Karachi.

Starring Sania Saeed, Kulsoom Aftab, Mariya Syed, and Sameer Nadeem Alam, Aisa Hi Hota Hai – Episode 2 is a poignant portrayal of zero victim support, and victim blaming. And the character assassination that is rampant in our society when it comes to sexual assault. The film offers an impactful message that resonates with audiences far beyond its narrative confines, revolving around the aftermath of sexual violence for the survivors and the fatal consequences of shunning and shutting them out. By skillfully showcasing the victim’s plight, the film exposes the stark reality of our treatment of sexual abuse victims and compels us to confront our own complicity in perpetuating this cycle of suffering and challenges us to break free from it.

Written by Ayesha Chundrigar and directed by Marina Khan, Aisa Hi Hota Hai – Episode 2 is a tale of gossip, innocence, and the haunting consequences of judgment and a wake-up call for compassion. “This story has dialogue that is literally what anyone reading this and watching the film would have heard at least once in their life. We have either thought this way or have been thought of this way. It’s time we hold a mirror up to our actions and the toxic behavior we pass off as norms. I wrote Aisa Hi Hota Hai in a way that it has so many layers, that everyone can connect to, yet it’s all condensed into 3 short scenes”, commented activist and humanitarian Ayesha Chundrigar speaking on the occasion of its release.

Aisa Hi Hota Hai – Episode 2 is a culmination of the hard work of a talented team, namely Iman Khan as Producer, Nabil Hasan as Director of Photography, Anser Soomro on Sound Recording Design & Mix, Editing and Color Grading by Kamran Shahnawaz, Musical Score by Ali Allahdittah, Art Direction by Hira Mansoor with Dania Gill as Assistant Art Director, Zeeshan as Assistant Director, Zara Chohan as Line Producer, Makeup and hair by Horaib Gill, and Executive Producers Agnes Kenney, Nusair Teli, Tapmad Entertainment, and Faisal Kapadia. The film touches upon a highly sensitive topic that needs to be talked about and worked upon for us to grow as a safe society.

Renowned activist Ayesha Chundrigar has been awarded the HUM Women Leaders Award, recognized as a Hero and Pride of Pakistan. At the Pakistan Super League, and won an international competition for best work at Facebook in America. It is commendable how with Aisa Hi Hota Hai, Ayesha Chundrigar bravely tackles the suffering of victims with a thought-provoking and compelling narrative. That challenges societal norms and fosters empathy amongst viewers. By shedding light on the consequences of our actions and words as individuals and as a society, it encourages us to build a more supportive and compassionate world. Marina Khan’s direction and Ayesha Chundrigar’s writing breathe life into this moving tale, making it a must-watch for everyone. It serves as a powerful reminder that change begins with acknowledging the need for accountability for perpetrators. And the suffering of victims of sexual abuse and fostering a more compassionate society.

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