Former Film Star Babra Sharif’s Concerns On Film Industry’s Decline


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Babra Sharif was a former Pakistani cinema and television actress and producer. She was a successful leading lady in the Pakistani cinema industry, known for her on-screen collaborations with Shahid, Nadeem, and Faisal Rehman. Babra Sharif has appeared in the popular television play Nadan Nadia. Babra Sharif is currently out of the film industry, yet she frequently participates in award shows, interviews, and events.

When asked about the decline of the film business by Moeen Zubair, Babra Sharif replied, “We never discussed Karachi, Peshawar, or Lahore; we worked for our industry. We should not discuss this gap. We’re here because of Altaf Hussain, who has taught us so much. You often talk about resurrection, but how can you resuscitate the film business without watching movies? You should watch all of his films, which have always included social messages; he has never made a violent film.

Altaf Hussain Saab taught me rhythm and dance, and he is working to revive the film business. It is not revival; we are all working hard, and there are little beginnings toward resurrection; we have never discussed the industry’s separation. Don’t be a part of this split; just keep making films. I hope Altaf Hussain makes a good picture like he used to.”

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